Multitudes of Manna

Let us, with a gladsome mind,
Praise the Lord, for He is kind.

For His mercies aye endure,
Ever faithful, ever sure.

Let us blaze His Name abroad,
For of gods He is the God.

(John Mil­ton was 15 years old when he wrote this hymn.)

Gifts #625-693
~ Grace in weeks of unwritten thanks
~ Learning to see His love-gifts in all
~ Opportunity to apprentice – learning living skills from loving hearts and hands
~ Dependable sprinkler
~ Life-giving water
~ Bees spreading life to plants
~ Extra weeks of staffing and learning
~ Vegetable blossoms
~ A fortnight of Papa and Mama

~ Five days off for my man
~ A new Independence Day tradition
~ Field trips with family
~ Wonder of gleaming wood and the dance of machinery to roll out flour
~ Majestic view for miles

~ Straight dirt roads fading to the horizon
~ Grocery store surprise visit with friends
~ Thrift store bag sale
~ Five day break from work-pain for my love
~ Bread dough – bubbling, rising, sometimes falling*, always nourishing
~ Tendonitis*
~ Kisses in the dark
~ Afternoons at family camp – sun, swimming, fellowship, learning
~ Evenings of Rage with family and friends

~ Snacks and laughter
~ Night of good rest before the first “birth call” of my apprenticeship
~ The multitude of midwives who have blessed me with their care, friendship, knowledge over the last 15+ years
~ Dark quiet candlelit labor
~ The waiting
~ Soul nourishment in the waiting
~ Labor-throes cry announcing the time is near
~ Life out of darkness
~ Tether unwound
~ Fresh pinking baby skin
~ The slow of blood
~ Skills honed over hours, days, nights, years – of study, practice, and prayer… my preceptors
~ Glad welcome upon arriving home
~ Family held together
~ Mountains of laundry done by Mama
~ That hit-by-a-train feeling
~ Nine hours of sleep… blessed sleep
~ Lingering awe of playing some small part in welcoming a new life
~ Morning of fellowship and soul-stretching with our body of believers
~ Heart-sister caring for me so tangibly
~ Challenge: “How can you believe, when you receive glory from one another and do not seek the glory that comes from the only God?” John 5.44
~ Laughter and heart-tying over fellowship lunch
~ Flurry of preparation
~ Helping hands and soothing heart … my Mama
~ Arrival of Beka-honey and The Cousins
~ House spilling over with family, friends, and pancakes
~ Air-conditioning on record-setting days
~ Cooler mornings (even when I find it odd to think of 83′ as the cool of the morning)
~ Bird antics, reminders to bring my camera to the porch in the morning
~ Orioles bobbing the trumpet vines as they feast
~ Wisp of a breeze across the porch
~ Redemption with the precious blood of Christ
~ Cousins making memories
~ Living life together
~ Walking with three dear ladies
~ A blast at the Splash
~ Heart-changes

~ Cousin pics
~ Fivefingers
~ Double batch of green salve
~ New leaves on weather weary plants… do we all just need to put down deeper roots to bear fruit?
~ Forming connections with new care providers
~ Returning to prayer meeting after two weeks away – oh! the sweetness!
~ A bank of clouds to form a bit of a sunset show, followed by a few more at sunrise
~ Lessons in trust, thanksgiving, and perseverance in the midst of seemingly unending dry intense heat
~ That seemingly unending dry intense heat
~ Inspiration in preparation