Getting Closer

I almost called my midwife in the night last night because my contractions were getting closer together and I was having a hard time sleeping. I’ve been pretty much laying low the last few days, despite the fact that I’d reached the 37 week milestone, because there is a dear mama in sw Missouri who was expected to have her little one any day. Well, I talked with my midwife (MW from here on out) this morning and it looks like the other mama’s dates were a bit off. MW encouraged me to do whatever I feel like doing today and not worry about the other mama. So, I’m feeling a bit giddy with excitement at the moment.

Yesterday, while Jonathan was working and the Blessings were at Good News Club, I did some last minute cleaning of the areas in our room that have been neglected as we’ve gotten our “birth space” ready. Namely, the desk and the buffet.

Here are some before and after shots of the areas I tackled (sitting down) yesterday, as well as a couple other shots of our room as it waits for labor to begin in earnest.

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  1. Hey! You didn't tell me that part when we talked this afternoon. I am glad you have the go ahead for more activity. That should make a difference in your outlook even if it doesn't produce labor.

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