Speak, Lord in the Stillness

Speak, Lord, in the stillness,
While I wait on Thee;
Hushed my heart to listen
In expectancy.

Speak, O blessed Master,
In this quiet hour;
Let me see Thy face, Lord,
Feel Thy touch of power.

For the words Thou speakest,
‘They are life,’ indeed;
Living bread from Heaven,
Now my spirit feed!

Speak, Thy servant heareth!
Be not silent, Lord;
Waits my soul upon Thee
For the quickening word!

All to Thee is yielded,
I am not my own;
Blissful, glad surrender,
I am Thine alone.

Fill me with the knowledge
Of Thy glorious will;
All Thine own good pleasure
In my life fulfill.

Emily May Grimes (1868-1927)

I read this this week for the first time. Many thanks to Shawna for posting the first four verses of it and getting me hunting for the author, during which search I found the last two verses. I found it referenced as a hymn in several places, but none of the sites referenced a hymn tune or had music. If anyone is familiar with this hymn or has a lead on its tune, I’d be glad to hear about it.

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