Mama and Baby

I realized while looking through my blog posts from my pregnancy with Stephen that I haven’t done a very thorough job of blogging about this pregnancy. Some of you might be relieved, some might be disappointed. But as we approach the “finish line,” I’m going to be trying to do better.

We’re a few days past 32 weeks right now, and Baby seems to be doing very well. Lots of motion, good heartbeat whenever it’s checked, etc.

My “belly taping” seems to be helping to keep my abodominal wall from separating any further. The downside is that it is varying degrees of irritating to my skin. I actually had blisters last week and had to take several days to let my skin heal. We re-taped last night, which means I got to do my pilates. Amazingly enough, I truly mean that “got to.” I feel so much better when I can do my exercise, perhaps because I know how helpful it is.

I had my first ever midnight prenatal last week when my midwife spent the night at our house and arrived late at night. We were all still awake enough for a prenatal, so we did it that night instead of early in the morning. It was unusual, but fun. I so appreciate my dear midwife, both as a midwife and as a friend, and I’m thankful we seem to be balancing our roles well.

For the sake of keepin’ it real, I’ll admit that this pregnancy continues to be my most challenging ever. I see the chiropractor every Friday, yet continue to have significant pain in key areas. My chiro is the best; I know my discomfort is much much less than it would be without her help, and I am very thankful that Jonathan places a priority on me getting in each Friday. I don’t want to go into a list of my challenges or be a whiner; I just want to be honest enough to say that it is far from easy, and I treasure your prayers.

On the up side, we’ve passed 32 weeks, and 5 out of our 7 Blessings running around the house right this minute were born within a couple days of 38 weeks. I realize this could be the one pregnancy that goes to 40 weeks or beyond, but I can’t help but count down to that shining beacon of 38 weeks.

As my belly promise-swells, my heart floods with thankfulness for this gift of life growing inside me. Unexpected, challenging, yet God-given and received with open and grateful hearts.

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  1. Thanks for sharing! You are blessed indeed. Praying these last few weeks go well! God's hand is over all, and that is something to rest in, for sure.

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