Parental Affirmation

A quick thought here…

I was just reading an email from someone who included a thank you to her parents . . . “for being proud of me in my darkest days.”

That struck a chord deep within me, because I have been thinking similar thankful thoughts.

I cannot express what a difference is made in my life by the knowledge that my parents think I’m wonderful. They know that I am far from perfect, far from who I will someday be. And yet, I know that they really truly think that I am a nifty, special, accomplished person.

They speak this to me in so many ways – they tell me in written words, in spoken words, in hugs, in looks that say so clearly, “I’m so glad that you’re my daughter and I think you’re great.”

Papa and Mama believe in me. They know God has sooo much more work to do in me, but they see what He’s done so far. And they like me.

I want to pass this same gift on to my children.

Lord, help me see the wonderful gifts and strengths my children have. Help me to appreciate them for who they are, Your precious creations. Help me to see the work You’re doing in them, and to affirm and treasure them in ways that give them an assurance of my love and appreciation of them as individuals. Please make me a flesh-and-blood representation to them of Your unfailing love and compassion, as my parents have been to me.

More about Jonathan’s copperhead bite

Here’s the copperhead bite story and an update.

Last night was our chapel Game Night. As usual, the canasta game (which always includes at least a couple members of our household) didn’t finish up until after 11. Jonathan and I helped clean up and work on various tasks, and some of the kids went out to the volleyball court to look for some missing shoes. When Jonathan went out to check on them, they told him they thought they saw a copperhead snake. I’m so thankful they knew enough to recognize it and to leave it alone (if they hadn’t recognized it, they would have tried to catch it… it’s in their genes).

I wandered out to the volleyball court after a while to see if the shoe search had been successful and found Jonathan poking around in the grass and trees next to the court, looking for the copperhead. We sent the kiddos to pack up in the van, and shortly thereafter, Jonathan comes up with the copperhead. As he walks towards me with it in his left hand, he’s shaking his right hand and saying, “Fast little booger.” Apparently, when he first caught it, it managed to keep enough of its neck free to get a fang in him.

We went inside and took some pictures of the snake. I was going to say, “first things first” about that, but the first thing actually was Jonathan sucking and spitting, trying to get any poison out of his finger that he could. After we got pictures, Jonathan went out to let the snake go, and I went out to find some plantain.

After we got some plantain on it, I called the hospital. They said to keep an eye on it and bring him in if the swelling got so bad that it started to constrict his circulation. So we packed up and headed home.

Once home, I went googling for more information. There was so much conflicting information (elevate, don’t elevate; ice, don’t ice, etc) that we decided to check with Poison Control to see what they recommended. They insisted that we needed to get to the ER right away, and since the bite was so close to his bone, Jonathan was more willing than usual to go in. So Dad and Mom Smith came over to be here for the sleeping Blessings, and we headed out for a late night date!

They didn’t really do anything at the ER besides look at him a couple of times. The doctor explained that only in very extreme cases do they use the antivenin, as it can be much more dangerous than the bite itself. So we sat in a freezing cold room for a couple of hours, read, chatted, and waited. After a couple of hours, it was obvious that the swelling was not out of control, and we got to come home. We got home shortly after 5 this morning.

We’re a bit frustrated the Poison Control people were so insistent that we go in right away last night, We could have sat together at home for a couple of hours in a lot more comfort than we had at the ER, and for a lot less money! 🙂 But the Lord knows all about that, so there’s no need for us to fret.

Jonathan’s actually doing pretty well this (to us) morning. His hand is still very tender, but the swelling hasn’t gone past his hand. We have been using some natural remedies, and I think they are making a difference. From what we’ve seen as we’ve explored online, it will likely be a couple of weeks before he is mostly back to normal, and a lot of bruising would be typical. We’re not sure yet what impact the pain and swelling will have on his ability to work, but we’re thankful that he has the weekend to recover somewhat.

Here’s Jonathan’s blog from when we got home this morning.

Thanks for praying!


Just got home from the ER. Looks like he’ll make it. 🙂

The swelling isn’t too bad at this point, so we headed home after a couple hours sitting around in the ER. We’ll see how much he’s able to do over the next couple days and how much bruising develops.

I’ll post more after some sleep!

Unexpected Excitement

Jonathan was bitten by a copperhead snake tonight after our chapel game night.

Here are pictures of the snake and of Jonathan’s hand a few minutes after the bite.

After we got home, I called Poison Control, and on their advice we are headed to the ER as soon as Dad and Mom Smith get here to keep an ear out for the kids. It’s 1:24am.

Boys Night at the Cards

Davey won tickets (from our library’s summer reading program) to the Cardinals game last night! Jonathan took the three older boys and even though the Cards lost, they had a fun time. I realize this is almost sacrilege to some of my readers, but we’re not huge Cardinals fans. We don’t dislike the Cardinals, mind you. Having grown up in Kansas City and Hutchinson, I think we must be forgiven, even though we’ve lived in the St. Louis area for 8 years now.

Anyway, here are some pictures Jonathan caught last night …

Do you?

I actually found out what this Twitter thing was today, thanks to a link from HumbleAmy (who does not Twitter, by the way). It’s an interesting concept. I’m not so sure it’s for me, but I’m curious what you think of it.

Do you Twitter?

Looks like a Must-See to me!

And no, not just because it has Kirk Cameron in it. 😉 Provident Films has done some great movies (Facing the Giants, Flywheel), and it looks like this is going to be the best yet. It’s about keeping promises and saving marriages. The Lord knows we need that these days!

My favorite quote from the movie – “Fireproof doesn’t mean that fire will never come, but that when it comes, you’ll be able to withstand it.”

Here’s the trailer: