Girls Trip to R&R Ace

Last week, the girls got to run a few errands with me. One of the places we stopped was R&R Ace Hardware. We got to use our $5 Ace Rewards card on some gorgeous mis-tinted paint ($3 for the gallon!). We also found some lovely straw hats for the little ladies for a dollar each, and they each took a turn on the 10 cent pony – really, it just costs a dime!

First Ice Cream

Stephen was watching so eagerly the other night while Jonathan was eating ice cream, that Jonathan gave him some. His reaction was so adorable that he got several more bites – gotta have pictures, you know!

He would be so excited to see the bite coming…

Then when he got it, he would make the most awful face!

But he’d be ready for a bite 3 seconds later!
I have a video, but when I uploaded it, it was too dark to see. You’ll have to trust me, I guess. 🙂

Missouri Flooding

Jonathan got a few pictures of the flooding near Eureka while he was creeping along I-44 on Friday.

Here’s why traffic was creeping along. They were trying to keep the Meramac off of I-44.

A bit closer to home… this is the Union exit from I-44.

And the flea market at that exit…

And here’s the Meremac in the Dickey Bub (can you say redneck?) parking lot in Union, MO.

And yes, we do have other children!

We had a blast at the park last week. We’re ever so glad to see warmer weather!

I was so thrilled to see Grace make a new little friend at the park. Too often, I see my children mimic my reluctance to put myself out there and be friendly.

The boys had fun skating. Ellie needs more practice with less pressure.

The Little Man

I know I’ve been blogging in spurts lately, and I feel another one coming on…

This post is mostly to brag on our amazing little man and all of his recent developments. It’s so fun to us that he is so unique amoung our Blessings! They’re all unique of course, but it’s fun to be so constantly surprised with #7.

So… Stephen is 9 1/2 months old.
He has 5 teeth.
He is –
pushing up to a sit
pulling himself to a stand (on anything, including the side of the stove)
cruising around on anything he can find

And here are some recent pictures from a fun trip to the park. A couple of fun firsts.


“I long to accomplish a great and noble task, but it is my chief duty to accomplish small tasks as if they were great and noble.” — Helen Keller

Like a Weed… Only Much Cuter

The boy is agrowin’!

Last night, Stephen popped through two more teeth, for a total of 5 so far! There’s another that’s close to coming through.

He’s gone from a swim to a full fledged crawl in the last week.

He’s spent the last two nights in the crib in the girls room (woot!) and has done really well with it. I’m sure he likes it better than the pack ‘n play in the living room.

He also napped in the crib this morning. I’m not sure how well he slept, because he woke up himself instead of me waking him as is typical. When Davey went in to get him, he’d figured out how to get from laying down to standing up in the crib! He’s pulled himself from a sit to a stand before, but this was the first time he got upright at all from laying down. Wish I could’ve seen it!

Here is a picture of Stephen and sweet Grace T. at CHEF classes yesterday:

And a video that includes the new crawling skill. And shows how fast that Gracie T is!: