Praise-ful Update!

We’re at my brother’s in Hendersonville, NC right now and we are so very thankful to be driving a “new” van! The Lord is good and has worked out many details in ways that were far beyond us. The van is beyond what we could have asked or thought, and is a testament to the grace and sovereignty of God as well as of the wonderfulness that is our immediate and extended family!

The van is the 1999 Ford. It’s a 12 passenger, not the 15 that I mistakenly stated before. I will post pictures, but will probably wait till we’re back and Papa and Mama’s. It’s a beautiful van, and is in excellent condition. It’s been a long time since we’ve owned anything rust-free! It’s the basic model, not the luxury, and that’s great with us as it’s easier to clean vinyl. 🙂 It’s comfortable, quiet, and even has dual air!

We will be headed to Florida tomorrow, will return to North Carolina next Tuesday and plan to drive home next Thursday.

Thank you for your continued prayers!