So Excited

I’m so excited right now that I’m on the verge of tears. I just got off the phone with the midwife in Kansas, and things are all good for us to come home to have this baby. I also finally made my first pre-natal appointment for next Monday (here, not in KS).

I realized mid-week last week that subconscious fear about losing the baby because of the hormonal imbalance had me frozen in my plan making. I made it my goal to get past that fear and make those calls this week. And here it is, not even 1pm on Monday, and I’ve done it! Praise the Lord!

Besides that…
My precious parents are on their way toward me RIGHT NOW! I haven’t seen them since the end of May, and then for not nearly long enough. They should be here tonight in time for our homeschool group’s Open House to hear the Blessings sing in the choir.

My hubby is done with work early and is on his way home. Yay! We’re hoping to get our table finished up while the weather is so nice. Highs in the upper 60’s today, tomorrow, and Wed. High on Thursday – 34′!

Sleep, blessed sleep

Yesterday was a wonderful wonderful day. It was also very full and challenging for me. So last night at 9.30, I hit the sack. I woke up at 8.30 this morning, and dozed off and on until around 9.30. Best night’s sleep I’ve had in ages. Praise the Lord!


We had a beautiful Thanksgiving day together today. Jonathan, the Blessings and the folks got lots of raking done (and the leaves burned) and the front yard/side yard look great. It was a gorgeous day today – sunny and at least in the 60’s. I love it when Thanksgiving Day is warm like that!

It was a pretty “green” day for me (one of the more intense I’ve had, I think), so I focused my energy on getting stuff done for dinner, and skipped the raking. But I sat out on the steps in the sunshine for a while before I went to lay down; enjoying watching everyone having fun. I said to Jonathan, “It’s amazing that one can be so blissfully happy and physically miserable at the same time.” 🙂

So very much to be thankful for. God is good.

Personality Quiz

You Are An INFJ

The Protector

You live your life with integrity, originality, vision, and creativity.
Independent and stubborn, you rarely stray from your vision – no matter what it is.
You are an excellent listener, with almost infinite patience.
You have complex, deep feelings, and you take great care to express them.

You would make a great photographer, alternative medicine guru, or teacher.

Hmmmm… what do you think?

A Neat Way to say Thanks

This is a site set up by Xerox to make it easy to say Thanks to our troops. Kind of ironic… what they do is so far from easy, and it’s made so easy for us to say thank you. It takes less than 2 minutes!

Water, the wonder cure

A friend of mine suggested a few weeks ago that I try to drink more water to help dilute whatever causes the nausea. I’ve really seen it be effective most of the time, so I thought I’d throw that out there…. 🙂

I was planning to work on My Balancing Journey this afternoon while Jonathan is finishing up some work stuff, but I think I need to go sit down with my big jug o’ water and dilute. Hopefully I’ll be feeling better in time to get my next entry or two done.

My Balancing Journey – Pt 3 – What Next?!?

While I enjoyed the rest of that weekend retreat, I had a cloud of questions haning over my head. The biggest question, the one that shook me to the core, was whether this early pre-menopause meant no more babies. That could be a book by itself, and I’m not even going to try to do it justice right now.

So… I went home, greatly shaken, to begin a learning journey that I never expected to take at this point in my life.

Back on the FlyWagon again

A couple of background notes…

*I have found myself really struggling this pregnancy with giving in to feeling badly, and therefore being super lethargic, tired, and physically miserable a good deal of the time. Especially in the morning. In the last few weeks, I’ve gotten almost no group school work done with the Blessings, something we count on for getting our work for the year accomplished.

*Several years ago, Beka led me to (thanks Honey!). It has been a lifesaver in so many ways, and has changed my thinking about a lot of things. I have this tendency to go in spurts with Flylady, and sometime in late winter/spring, I tend to start letting go of habits that I’ve been working on establishing. I always have a wake-up call when the holidays start to approach, though, because I’ve found the only way I can get through the holiday months with any sense of clarity and calm is to FLY!


A few nights ago, I had my yearly epiphany and realized I had better start Flying, and fast! So I got out my Holiday Control Journal and have been working on that. I also re-started Flylady emails.

I tell you what! I am just thanking the Lord for helping me back on the FlyWagon (yes, I made that term up myself). Here’s some of what I’ve been doing this week –

Getting ready for Thanksgiving
Starting to bake Christmas gifts (it’s going to be a Very Frugal year, so I need to start now and freeze stuff as I go)
Having Dinner planned and/or started before noon yesterday and today
Sitting down with the Blessings for breakfast and our Firm Foundations lesson
Exercising (just got back to that today)
Shining my sink
Working on getting back to my morning and evening routines (I’m not rushing into this one; it’s such a process for me)

It’s interesting to me how much better I feel physically now that I’m getting stuff accomplished. I’m not finding myself on the couch or back in bed most of the morning. And mentally/emotionally, it’s of course much better to be being productive instead of lethargic.

I’m contemplating proposing to my hubby that we turn the Resurrection season into a major family holiday… in part, to keep me from falling off the FlyWagon!

Another interruption to the Balancing Journey… Pregnancy note

I’ve had friends talk while pregnant about how “this baby just doesn’t like ______ ” and I have to admit, I inwardly laughed. It seemed so silly.

But that’s because I’d never experienced it!

And now… I’m growing a baby who doesn’t like coffee. I limit myself during pregnancy to 1 cup of caffeine a day, so it’s not like I’m missing out on *that* much. But, ya know? I really like my coffee. And baby makes it clear that we have a difference of opinion. Nausea like …. ugghh.

I’m curious to see this aversion to coffee wears off when we pass the 12 week mark. If not, I know one of the first things I’m going to be asking for after baby arrives!

By the way… Today = 8 weeks + 2 days.