Just can’t resist…

My youngest daughter and myself, courtesy of my eldest daughter, the budding photographer.

Happened upon this meme today, and can’t resist:
The Googlely-Image-Answer-Meme

Figure out your answers for each of the below.
Put them into a Google image search.
Grab the first interesting image for each answer, and post the images (without showing the actual answer) in your journal, along with the meme rules.
Post your answers below a cut, to avoid friends-page overload.

1. The age you will be on your next birthday
2. A place to which you’d like to travel
3. Your favorite place
4. Your favorite object
5. Your favorite food
6. Your favorite animal
7. The town in which you were born
8. The name of a past pet
9. The first name of a past love
10. Your favorite color
11. Your first name
12. Your middle name
13. Your last name

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