My Wonderful Weirdness

I was just reminded how many wonderful little “weird” things there are about me. Not that I think they’re weird, of course, they’re just things many other people think are out-of-the-ordinary.

So here we go!

We have six children, ages 2-9. No twins. I want more. Very much want more.

Five out of six of our children have been born in a home setting. All six of them were born without drugs or medical intervention, and I’ve only had one ultrasound in my life (just before the one who was born in the hospital was born frank breech without any further medical nonsense).

We homeschool.

We keep our Blessings with us in church meetings (they don’t go to Sunday School, in other words).

I am a political activist, passionate about making midwifery legal in our state.

I play MMORPG’s on a regular basis with my hubby, because I want to be a part of what he enjoys (and because I’ve met some really cool people that way!).

I recently put into action a conviction I had reached years ago (on my own), that based on my understanding of the New Testament, I should wear some type of covering on my head throughout the day.

I don’t know many women who wear a headcovering throughout the day simply based on their own personal conviction, and none of the ones that I do know wear anything but skirts/dresses. I and my daughters still wear shorts/pants/etc.

So, what sparked this train of thought?

All those conservative things on my list of weirdnesses…

And I just finishing painting my three daughters’ (ages 2, 4, and 7) finger/toe nails.


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