Just have to interrupt my vacation musings to bubble for a bit about how much I love fall! We left for vacation at the end of summer… had a blast at the beach, etc… and came home to autumn. I love it.

Last night, we had the first pumpkin soup of the season, with homemade biscuits and a big salad. Supper was followed by a little bonfire out back. No s’mores this time, but I love the smell of a bonfire in the fall.

This morning, I woke up under our new flannel sheets and shivered as I got dressed. And now, the sun is shining brightly and it is a lovely day outside. Sweaters and sweatshirts – woot!

Family Vacation

I’ve got to get some stuff down about our family vacation or I’m going to lose it all Which reminds me – I must get the pictures off the camera. Notes to self: Order an extra memory stick. Throw away the set of spare non-rechargeable batteries when they die. And by the way… it’s okay to charge the first set of batteries before the second set dies.

Okay. Now. Vacation.

We had such a wonderful time together, and enjoyed seeing oodles of family. As I look through the pictures, every thing is so gorgeous. The ocean and sky are fabulous shades of blue, the grass is so green, the smiles so sweet …

I think what I’m going to do, for my own benefit, is to outline our trip here, then add entries about smaller batches of events. That way, I can keep things straight. And, if anyone else happens to read this, it will easier to skim.

So… outline:
*Left home on Friday, Sept 16, at 11pm
*Got to my folks area of NC early afternoon on Saturday the 17th and stayed through Sunday evening.
*Left my folks and grandparents Sunday around 10pm and drove to Wilmington.
*Spent Monday-Friday in Wilmington with J’s family – mostly at the beach.
*Drove all night Friday night to Hendersonville (back to the mountains) to stay with my brother and his family Saturday and Sunday.
*Short drive to my folks Sunday night, J worked with Papa on Monday while Mama and I and the Blessings hung out.
*Drove 14 hours home on Tuesday the 27th – a day drive, woohoo! Well, mostly. Got home around 2.30 am.

So, there’s the outline. More to come!